pomegranate or punica

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A pomegranate is a deciduous shrub with beautiful red
flowers and red fruits. This shrub will grow up to 6
meters high and becomes a small tree. It looses it
leaves during wintertime. In spring it form new
leaves, together with the red flowers.

pomegranate as a fruit

The thick skin around the pome granate prevents it from
drying out. The more red , the riper the edible seeds
that are inside.

pomeranates in recipes

Pomeranate can be added to ice.

pomergranate in pots

Ponateranate can easely grow in pots.
The cultivar Punica 'nana' is a smaller
shrub that rows in pots.

A pomegranate flowerbud.

    Pomegranate or Punica granatum.

    A pomegranate in the rain.

    Pomegranates on a italian market.

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