Morning glory or Ipomoea tricolor

Mexican Morning Glory

This is a vast growing   annual  twining liana , that produces an enormeous amount of flowers. Those flowers have a short live, mostly only one day. But  the Morning Glory produces them daily,  along the 4 meter long  long vines. The flowering season is during the whole summer.

Morning glory In the garden

There are hundreds beautiful cultivars. They usually come in shades of blue, violet, or purple. Morning glories cross-pollinate, so the colors will fluctuate.  The Morning Glory  does a good job in covering ugly walls, fences and small buildings. 

Mexican Morning glory with an butterly, the Old World swallowtail. Morning Glorys are known to attract beautiful butterflies.

Growing Mexican Morning glory

The Mexican  Morning Glory needs  as much sun as possible. They are tolerant to drought. The soil must not be to fertile , otherwise the plant wil produce ranks and instead of flowers.

bees and the Mexican Morning Glory

Attracting insects and hummingbirds

Morning Glories attracts an array of garden insects , like butterflies, bumblebees, honeybees and sometimes  hummingbirds as well. In Mexico they are polluted by bats. The flowers have a distinct fragrance. 

There are many cultivars of the Mexican Mornining Glory

Mexican Morning Glories seeds

Morning Glories are capable of self seeding, producing enough new plants every year to renew completely.  The seeds  have a hard seed coat which delays germination until late spring. Germination may be fastened by pre-soaking the seeds in warm water, but remenber that Ipomoea tricolor is very sensitiv for cold temperatures.

psychedalic and  entheogen substances

The seeds of the Mexican Morning Glory produce a light psychadelic effect. These seeds are used to experience a spirital feeling ( entheogen) : the seeds contain some substances that facilitate those spirital awareness, although very little is known which substance contributes to the most important effect.     Especially the seeds of ‘Heavenly Blue Morning Glory’, a cultivar of Ipomoea tricolor and the   beach Moonflower (I. violacea) , is known for its stark  spirital effects. (2)

the family of Convolvulaceae has distinct marks


The Morning-Glory family or  Ipomoae family  is byfar  the largest  genus in the  family Convolvulaceaeas or the bindweed or morning glory family. There are  55 genera in this family:   There are 1650 members, mostly vines but even trees and shrubs.(1)
Convolvulaceae  mostly have an funnel-shaped symmetrical corolla or flower (1) and the flower petals are fused (4). The stem is winding, in the Ipomoea the winding is anticlockwise (3) , the leaves alternate (2).
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