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Pelvetia-gemeenschap (gemeenschap waarin Groefwier domineert)Zeldzame wieren: De Pelvetia-gemeenschap wordt als zeer zeldzaam langs de Oosterschelde beschouwd. Er wordt verderop in dit rapport ook gekeken naar mogelijkheden om deze soort te behouden.

European eel

European eel Eel spend most of thir live in fresh water rivers and ditches. Eels the start and the end of theire lives is in the Sargossa sea, thousends mile from theire freshwater rivers. Like other anguillid eels, European eels have a complex life history, spending most of their life in the “yellow eel” growth …

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Cod (1) and haddock(3) hunt for herring(2) on the bottom of the sea between a field oarweed(4). A painting by  the German artist  Heinrich Harder. (1858-1935)       larval cod (Gadus morhua) and haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) from Georges Bank were dominated by nauplii and copepodites of Oithona similis and Pseudocalanus spp.       …

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European smelt

smelt         1 European smelt 2 Carianthus orange    Carianthus membranaceus 6  Actinea cari 4 Calliactis parasitica 5 Dardanus calidus (hermit crab) 3 beadlet anemone 6 hermit crab 7 Aulactinia verrucosa                   Russian ice fishing for smelt Ice fishing is very popular in Russia. Its is done on …

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Herring FRTs Herring communicate with each other by forcibly expelling gas from the anal area, producing bubbles and a high-pitched sound. The researchers call this sound production an FRT (Fast Repetitive Tick). They did have another word in mind when they created the term, however. Both the Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus) and the Pacific herring