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water spinach or Ipomoea aquatica

water spinach or kangkong   Water spinach  is a fast growing water weed forming hollow floating stems of 3 meter long .  Kangkong  is a popular food :The taste is like spinach and is a very cost effective vegetable. It is used in the kitchen  of Southeast and East Asia, including southern China and Indonesia.   Water

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Morning glory or Ipomoea tricolor

Mexican Morning Glory This is a vast growing   annual  twining liana , that produces an enormeous amount of flowers. Those flowers have a short live, mostly only one day. But  the Morning Glory produces them daily,  along the 4 meter long  long vines. The flowering season is during the whole summer. Morning glory In the garden There are

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Antlion The antlion is an insect that has a impressive  larva with large fangs. The antlion builds a trap to catch ants and other insects. The trap is a pits dug into the ground. Once its prey tries to escape it is bombarded with sand grains.The larvae of antlions are sometimes referred to as “doodlebugs” because

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De Glasvlo, Hyale nilssoni (Rathke), is een van de meest gewone vlokrceften (Amphipoda) van de Nederlandse kust. Het is een klein, vlug, groen of bruin gekleurd springertje van het getijdengebied; Glasvlooicn leven meestal tussen de grote bruinwieren, maar ik heb ze ook wel gevonden op mosselbanken met een tamelijk spaarzame wierbegroeiing en langs dijken waar

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